Deafness is not something you can see, so please, just look out for those around you.

This week is deaf awareness week (4-10th May 2015 in the UK)!

My commute home from work involves the London underground which is normally just fine…But today there was an incident which reminded me of how much I rely on my beloved hearing aid.

After getting off the tube at Euston I was surprised to be stuck in a crowd on the platform waiting to get on the escalator to the main station. More tubes came and went, more and more people joined this ever-growing crowd. I hadn’t moved barely an inch and as a tiny person in a huge people-jam, I was getting scared someone might knock off my hearing aid, so I took off and put it away safely! (I should mention that my bone anchored hearing aid clips on to a screw on my head and is easily knocked off)

But then all of a sudden everyone literally jumped up and turned around and I stood there with 100 people pushing past me, thinking “what the f**k is happening”? I was about ask someone but he brushed me off in the rush… but then luckily the second lady I asked explained that a Transport for London staff member said there was another way out and we had to go that way.

I did not see this staff member and more importantly I did not hear them either. It may sound silly but I was actually scared for a spilt second when I couldn’t hear anything and didn’t know what was happening. Deafness is not something you can see, so please just look out for those around you.


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